“Bye!” I called out as everyone left the house. “Varshu. I think…,” my mother started. “Don’t worry, mum,” I reassured her. “I’ll take care of Priyu”. Priyu is my younger sister.

My family was going to a family friend’s funeral and we were asked to stay at home. “If you feel like having dinner make some dosas,” mom said. “I’ve kept the batter and chutney near the stove,” she added.

My sister and I watched TV for a while, and we soon fell asleep. At about 8 p.m., I woke up feeling hungry. I woke Priyu up and took her to the kitchen with me. Both of us made pasta with mozzarella cheese. Then I had a brain storm! What if we made pasta-pizza! We had pizza base at home and I knew how to make pizza sauce.

After a few minutes the pizza was ready to be cooked. “Why don’t we make sambar? The adults will be pleased,” my sister suggested. “Good idea but I don’t know how to make sambar. But we can Google it! The computer was in our parents’ room upstairs.”

We were climbing up when I heard sounds from the bedroom. I could feel Priyu shivering with fear. When I opened the door to my parents’ room we were surprised to find dad watching TV. “Oh, daddy! It’s you!” I exclaimed. “You almost gave us a heart attack!”

“Who? Me? When I came home you two were sleeping,” he explained.

We then told him our plan. “Hmmm…sambar? I’ll help you.”

So we made our marvellous sambar and mom was happy with it. “Awesome sambar,” she complimented. Our grandparents liked it too. Priyu and I ate the pizza while the others ate dosas. So we were not really alone!

The writer is in class VI, Abacus Montessori School

Keywords: young world