Once there was a boy called Tinku. His real name was Jack but his parents, friends, cousins, uncles and aunts called him Tinku. He would get angry when his classmates called him Tinku and teased him. One day, he told his mother about this teasing. But his mother said one day all his classmates would thank him for some reason. A few days later a competition was held in Jack’s school. Everybody failed in the competition but Jack did not lose hope. He tried hard and won the competition. But his classmates did not thank him. He was now very sad but his mother told him once again that they would thank him one day.

Jack had a hobby. He could make woollen clothes. Winter came, and it began to snow. Winter had come early and no one was prepared. Jack heard that his friends were cold. So he took some warm clothes and gave it to them. All his friends thanked him and said, “If you had not given us these warm clothes we would all have frozen to death!” Since then, they became his friends and never teased him again.

Priyamvada Nambiar, IV B, CMI Public School, Kanaanjad