The ‘Let’s Read’ series is bilingual. These booklets can be enjoyed in both English and Hindi. The idea is to use a known language to learn a new one. Simple English sentences, easy to comprehend and read are translated into Hindi giving you a chance to learn something new. The English sentence structures and vocabulary are graded for beginners.

Soap Bubbles, Toys, My Photo, Who’s In The Jungle, At The Window, Fun With Paper, The New Girl, My New Lunch Box, Too Much Noise!, My School Is Clean, My Sister And Me; Rs. 13 each

The modules in the Gandhian Way to Peace helps you explore opportunities to build a peaceful world. They are simple, innovative, interactive and explorative. They are creative with stories, quiz, quotes, anecdotes and illustrations.

Gandhian Way To Peace, Dr. S. Kulandaisamy, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Rs. 150