Tenali Raman, the favourite court jester of Vijayanagara, finds his popularity bringing him many unwanted enemies. Join him as he teaches his enemies a lesson with his sharp mind and quick-witted antics.

Meet a crazy emperor who makes Raman rewrite the Mahabharata, accompany Raman on a trip to heaven and back, and watch him foil the plans of a wicked horse-trader trying to cheat the king. Raman is also in for some competition from an evil puppeteer, who tries to hypnotize the kingdom and take away Raman’s title of jester.

THE ADVENTURES OF TENALI RAMAN (Vol. 1 and 2) Puffin, Rs. 250 each

Science and General Knowledge brought to you in a CD. The teaching methodology creates an environment of participative learning where the students are able to understand the concepts through animations and visuals with voice over thereby improving your memory and retention power. All the fundamental concepts of Science and General Knowledge have interesting activities to make learning fun and enjoyable.

LEARNING ACTIVITIES SCIENCE AND G.K., Pebbles, (Stds. III, IV and V) Rs. 199 each

Here’s a reference book for students. It has essential information needed for English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and important GK modules as well as tips. Comprehensive and concise, the book is a handy and easy-to-carry students’ companion to help you get ahead and stay ahead.