Charming princes, enchanting princesses, evil witches, magic spells and the legendary happy ending.

CINDERELLA, Mango, Rs. 245

A dry fruit seller from Kabul, with a heart of molten gold and a fist of iron. Escapades of naughty schoolboys travelling on a train with an unusual teacher. The decisive battle of skill and oratory between two poets in a king’s court.

A TAGORE OMNIBUS, Translated by Astri Ghost, Hachette, Rs. 350

When the bright colours of Holi fill the air, everyone gets ready with their water balloons and pichkaris and goes out to play. This book brings you a colourful bucket of Holi stories with a magical array of characters and settings.

HOLI, Hachette, Rs. 250

Canny, contemplative and courageous, Chanakya is known as one of India’s most multifaceted and enduring gurus. His smart, sage advice, captured forever in the twin classics the Arthashastra and the Nitishastra, has both the detailing of a draughtsman and the wide ranging wisdom of a genius, scholar, teacher and visionary.

CHANAKYA, The Kingmaker and the Philosopher, edited by Anu Kumar, Hachette, Rs. 195

A fascinating account of how Chanakya went from being a penniless fugitive with the rebel prince of Pataliputra to the prime minister of Magadha and finally the author of the groundbreaking Arthashastra.

CHANAKYA, The master of statecraft, Deepa Agarwal, Puffin, Rs 199

A red panda in India? And why is the world’s smallest pig almost extinct? Read up on ten endangered animals.


Aesop’s Fables originated in ancient Greece. These fables are about worldly wisdom and over the years these stories have been adapted many times.

AESOP’S FABLES, Mango, Rs. 245