SHIVAJI retold by Nandini Nayar, Illustrated by Hemavathy Guha, Mango Classics, Rs 95

Ashoka, the greatest of Mauryan emperors, launched a fierce attack on the kingdom of Kalinga. His intention was to conquer this rich and fertile kingdom. And this he did but there was misery and trauma all around. As realisation came crashing down upon him, he moaned to himself, ‘I am the cause of it all!’

ASHOKA retold by Sheila Dhir, Illustrated by Ritoparna Hazra, Mango Classics, Rs. 95

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The French Revolution is running its violent course; lives are ruined as new France is created. How did the gentle Doctor Manette and his daughter Lucie becomes caught up in France’s struggles? What is the real identity of the handsome Charles Darnay, who wins Lucie’s hand in marriage? And why does the shadow of La Bastille hang over them all?

A TALE OF TWO CITIES by Charles Dickens

A born strategist, Shivaji used his network of spies and his strong army to achieve various triumphs. His administrative reforms, the methodical way in which he set about consolidating his kingdom all prove he was a far-sighted king, determined to provide a safe and peaceful kingdom for his people.

Little Nell Trent’s childhood is over. Her grandfather’s mind is failing, his dark secret makes him sad and distracted, and he has nobody to care for him but Nell.


A disappearing father, an unhappy marriage, a handsome suitor and a bank robbery all bring challenges to Louisa’s life. Will she be able to control her powerful emotions, or will they lead her to ruin?

HARD TIMES by Charles Dickens

Poor Little Dorrit. Her future looks as bleak as her past and her present. Born and brought up in a debtors’prison, she relies on her sewing skills to help support her father. Little does she know that her sewing will soon present an opportunity for change.

LITTLE DORRITT by Charles Dickens

Retold by Gill Tavner and illustrated by Karen Donnelly, Mango Classics, Rs. 95 each

“Bye, Bye, Motabhai!” is the first of a series of books that tell the adventures or rather misadventures of animals breaking out of their weary lives to make their dreams happen.

Pavan, an over-worked camel in the city of Ahmedabad, India, hates work. He finds a way to escape with a little help from some kind-hearted kids. He makes a mad dash through the city along with Bijili, a dhobi’s donkey whom he befriends on the way.

“Hump-back Tales” is a series of six illustrated books for early readers in the age group 6-8 years.

“Bye, bye, Motabhai!” by Kala Sambasivan and illustrations by Ambika Sambasivan is available at