I had lost my pet. I was hoping that I’d find it soon when an unfamiliar dog stopped in front of our house. It was wagging its tail. It had a leather collar, and looked at me. It seemed to be in pain. Even though it looked disease-ridden, it stood at the door fiercely. It approached me and hung its head down. I gave it some food that I had kept for my pet. I realised that fate had somehow brought this dog to me to be my new pet. Without my pet, my days were filled with sorrow, but now I was really happy. I had gained a new companion in this dog.

My sister and I took turns to look after him. He is now healthy and active. He follows me every day to the junction where I board my bus. In the evening, I see him waiting for me at the gate of my house. We go on walks and outings whenever we have free time.

B. Uday Kumar, VII, Ridge School of Excellence, Kurnool