Once upon a time there lived a group of children who belonged to one family. They were very naughty. One day a man was passing through the street and saw a river nearby. He placed his briefcase down to wash his face. At that time the children who were playing in the street thought of playing a trick on him.

Quietly they went near the briefcase, took it and ran away. They went to the other side of the river bank and threw it in the water. When the man returned and looked for the briefcase he found it missing. After sometime the mother called the children and asked them to buy something from the market because their uncle was coming.

When they came back from the shop, they searched for their uncle. When they saw him, they where shocked to see that he was the same man on whom they played the trick. They went to their uncle and apologised. From that day, the children realised that they should not play pranks.