The chilly but soft wind blowing around me as I sat at the window seat of the bus was as refreshing as the cold water from the Kempty Falls. I was on a school trip to Mussoorie and Dehradun with my friends and teachers and our excitement knew no bounds.

The lush green mountains surrounding the windy roads looked majestic and fascinating; although climbing the steep slopes on foot was tiring and my travel in the bus made me dizzy and sick.

Yet, this proximity to Mother Nature and its silent beauty had a very soothing effect on me. The most difficult part was to find appropriate gifts for my family, but the market on Mall Road made things easier.

On the way home we all were happy, but a bit of sadness could be seen on every face as the last mountain went out of sight.

Juweiriya Rashid, X G, A.M.U Girls High School, Aligarh

Keywords: mountaineering