I remember the day when

I had my new baby skates

It was a gift for me

and was as smooth as ghee

Slowly and slowly, it became my friend

Day by day we spent more time.

Very soon my fear was cured

Playing it daily was a chore of mine.

I enrolled in the summer classes

Where my coach fixed my bases

It was then I did get a brand new

pair of rollers, through which I flew;

Not in the air, but on the rink.

Ultimately my sprint did come to link.

The passion and appetite grew within,

for my intention was to win .

The efforts shaped stronger

as my sessions longed longer.

My dad was my pillar

he supported me all time.

The style enhanced far greater,

accompanied with my boost long-time.

The race faced on,

I was ready for it, full on.

with a bang in my mindset

I set on to my target.

The race was too long,

with thirteen skaters, all strong

whistle blew aloud,

When I threw myself at the crowd.

Faster and faster i rolled on,

never on the way i broke down.

In the end, with copious might, i set

To my surprise I was the first,

to cross the finish line.

This was not just a token of victory

but an esteemed moral story.

It taught me to thrive and succeed,

In my every deed.

S Sachin Goud, X, KV, Bellary