My Nana is a remarkable person. He believes in self-help and does not depend on anyone. He washes his own clothes. Nana works very hard. He always encourages me to do so. Though not a teacher by profession, he worked in a public school as an English teacher and won the hearts of all. He gives private tuitions free of cost. Generally, teachers are minting money through tuitions. At one time four students came to him for guidance. They scored very good marks. He says knowledge is for sharing, not for selling.

Nana always encourages his students to read English newspaper and write articles that can be featured in the paper. He also motivates me to contribute to newspapers and magazines. I am thrilled when I see my name in print. We may not get payment for what we write, but it develops our writing skill. What else is wanted?

Nana is an unique personality. He is teetotaller, non-smoker and a strict vegetarian. He does not even eat eggs, cakes and pastries. He does not drink tea also. When he visits friends in December and January, he is offered a cold drink.

Nana does yoga exercise first thing in the morning to keep the doctor away. No wonder, Nana is my role model and I admire him.

Vibhooti Bagri, XI, Lancer’s Convent School, New Delhi