One never tires of friends. And you can talk to them through the day, and perhaps through the night too. Shreya writes about the joy she gets when she receives an sms from her friends.

A train of thought moulded into words

One day, when I was coming back from school after my French exam in the bus, my friend Anand was talking to me about some trivial stuff. I was smiling and listening to what he was saying, straining my neck to see him as he was standing behind me. We were talking and talking and then we kept quiet for some time. I was looking out the window at the sunny streets of Thiruvananthapuram, the wind blowing my curly and coconut fibre like hair and he was also taking a rest from talking for too long.

When I was enjoying the wind against my face, I heard him talk again. I had to turn my neck for at least 45 degrees to see him. He was talking nonsense again but then I heard him say something about giving me his mobile number.....and I had butterflies in my stomach. Instead of the girl giving the boy her number, he gave me his number, partly because I was sitting and it was easy to write it down while he was standing. I wrote down his mobile number and when I reached home, I took my mobile and sent him a message with my mobile number. After that, it was message after message from him and as I love my friends very much, I always looked forward to his messages.

He sends me jokes and meaningful messages which I save in my inbox.

Even now, when I was writing this, I got a message from him and that got me motivated to finish this and post it on my blog for the whole universe to see!'s Squiggles