Ms. Sudheshna is my favourite teacher. On my first day at school, she made a good impression on me and gradually she made her way into my heart. She cared for everybody and gave her time to everyone. I became one of her best students. Once when I sang a song in class, she encouraged me by taking me to other classes and making me sing the song. My friend and I used to go and see her each day. She used to wait for us and ask about our studies and other activities regularly. She encouraged us to take part in competitions and boosted our confidence. My friend and I worked hard to impress her and make her happy. Now I have lost touch with Ms. Sudheshna as I had to change schools later on. But those happy days with her are still fresh in my memory.

Durga Ambika Menon, VII A, Infant Jesus Central School, Thiruvananthapuram