Hypercity held its first anniversary celebrations recently. They conducted a painting competition for the children of Prayas, an NGO for underprivileged children, among its other activities. Along with lots of exciting competitions and games, the children were asked to paint the city of their dreams.

The children had much to express too. Ten-year-old Kirtik, who thoroughly enjoyed the session of painting, tells us, “The topic given to us was ‘The city of my dreams'. For me, it would have clean and safe drinking water for all, education for all, no traffic problems and everyone would live there in togetherness and love.”

Chandana, who is nine, likewise agrees and shares a similar vision for Hyderabad in the future. She particularly talks about the importance of a clean and green environment in the city.

Bharat, who is 10, also from Prayas, wishes that Hyderabad becomes absolutely pollution free, he says, “For me, a dream city is free of all types of pollution, especially air pollution. There should be pure, clean air for everyone to breathe in. Moreover, there should be lots and lots of trees!”

Meanwhile, Naresh, who is also 10 years old adds, “In my dream city it is very important for everyone to be healthy. There should be good health facilities. Besides this there should be clean roads and clean water. Everyone in my dream should be happy,” he concludes on a happy note.