Vishal loved Casper and wanted to give him a home. But, his father was dead against the idea.

“Vishal, this is the last time we are discussing this and my answer is no!” said his father, Mr. Kumar disappointing his 12-year-old.

The discussion was about bringing home Casper, the Labrador. For the past week, Vishal had been trying to persuade his father about this.

A year ago, Vishal was handicapped by a limp in his left leg, while trying to save a puppy from being hit by a speeding car. In the process he hurt his left leg leaving him with a limp. Because of this he could not participate in athletics, his favourite activity. Since then, Mr. Kumar disliked dogs. He failed to realise that his son, who adored dogs, had developed a special bond with Casper.

Casper was Varun’s dog. Varun and Vishal had met at a park a few months ago. The children living around visited the park, where they had a whale of a time. Casper, who always accompanied Varun to the park, entertained the merry children with great liveliness, while being a part of their games. There was a strange attraction about Casper, which endeared him to Vishal in no time. Gradually, the young boy found a great friend in the Labrador.


A few days later, Varun’s father received an assignment and had to relocate abroad for a couple of years. Varun wanted to ensure that Casper would be taken care of and he thought Vishal was the right choice. Vishal was overjoyed but was heartbroken, when his father refused to allow Casper into their home.

One Sunday morning, Vishal went to the park as usual to play with Varun, and his dear friend Casper. It was past noon and Vishal did not return home. Mrs. Kumar was diabetic and could not afford a large gap between her meals. But she loved having “Sunday lunch” with her son. With Mr. Kumar being out of town, she decided to search for Vishal. She was on the road when she felt uneasy. The delay in her afternoon meal made her dizzy, and she fainted.

Casper, who was roaming around nearby, saw her and recognised her. Seeing her lying unconscious on the pavement, he rushed towards Dr. Sheila’s clinic across the street. Dr. Sheila was Varun’s family physician. On seeing the Lab in her clinic, the doctor was surprised! Before she could react, Casper literally dragged her out.

As she neared the unconscious lady, she realised that it was Mrs. Kumar, her friend! Dr. Sheila treated the patient and brought her back to consciousness.

In the meantime, Casper had rushed to the park, where Vishal and Varun were still playing. Casper barked loudly alerting the boys who realised that something was wrong. Casper led them to the spot, where they found Dr. Sheila conversing with Mrs. Kumar.

Vishal learnt about his mother’s illness and Casper’s timely help.

The next morning when Mr. Kumar returned he came to know of Casper’s heroism. Mr. Kumar now had to accept Casper into the family. He realised that he could not attribute his son’s disability to a dog, which was in all terms a good friend.

Casper was brought home and there was a celebration.

It was coincidence that he was brought home on Friendship Day.