It was a Sunday. I woke up at 7 a.m. as I had coaching classes to attend. After having my breakfast, I rushed to my classes, which started at 9.

While I was in a particularly boring Chemistry class, my mum was facing a rather horrible predicament of her own. A few weeks ago, my dad had planned to go to our village near Tirunelveli. He and his brothers decided to go there for a pooja and a list of things like oil, camphor and rose water among other things were required. My mum had to go and buy these as my dad was still recovering from an eye surgery.

She called the driver and went to Broadway, the place where all these things are easily available. Once they reached, the driver parked the car somewhere near the market and asked my mum to call him once all the shopping was done. After about 45 minutes, she got everything on the list and walked back with two heavy packages. She searched for her cell phone inside her purse to call the driver, but couldn’t find it and realised that she had accidentally kept it inside the car. She found the car but the driver was nowhere to be seen. She was exhausted and sweaty, but decided to wait near the car, praying that he would come soon.

A passer-by saw my mum waiting and asked what the matter was. As my mum explained, he said that drivers sometimes hang around Marine Drive, which is close by. And so, my mum, with all her packages, set off in search of the driver in Marine Drive, but couldn’t find him. She decided to take an auto rickshaw and call him after she reached home.

As soon as she came home, my mum called the lady who had suggested the driver in the first place and asked for his number. Finally, my mum called him to let him know that she was already home. After 20 minutes, he came and gave us the car key. The whole family was worried about the car being parked somewhere and only because my mum had forgotten her cell phone inside the car!

Shreya Shankar L., XI A, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, Kochi