Bring out the popcorn and the lemonade, its movie time.

Movies are an essential part of summer vacation. So, here's a list of favourites. It doesn't matter if you have seen them once or even twice. What really matters is to relive them again these holidays. Make sure your popcorn and juice are ready!

Toy story 3: Andy is leaving for college and he knows he can't take his toys with him. But the toys that were meant to be in the attic get mistakenly delivered at a day care centre. Only Woody knows the truth and then starts a struggle between the new toys and the old ones and Woody's undying task to make sure he gets all his friends back home where they belong.

Lion King: Simba runs away from the forest as he is tricked into thinking he killed his father Mufassa. This is a plot by his uncle Scar and his friends the Hyenas Simba is later brought back to his pride where he avenges his father's death and joins his family again.

Shrek: Mean and selfish, Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp. Troubled by the unexpected visitors he wants to find the reason for this. On visiting the king he is given yet another task of rescuing the princess. It's on the journey back with princess Fiona that he realises his feelings for her.

Mary Poppins: Many nannies have quit and gone from the Banks home. Finally, Mary Poppins arrives, after the children draft a letter asking for their version of a nanny. Adventures, lessons, fun and frolic — they have it all.

Tangled: Rapunzel has never seen the outside world and all she knows is that there's some magic in her hair and it's very very long. And then one day a runaway thief stumbles into the castle and asks her to step out with him. She sees a world unknown to her and also discovers her true identity.

Finding Nemo: A little fish who wants to do what his parents tell him not to. So when he disobeys his father and goes on to the deeper end of the ocean little does he realise the perils along the way until he reaches the clinic of a dentist! It's an adventure across the ocean floor.

Ice age: Scrat, a squirrel, accidentally leads us to an unknown city hidden below the earth. It's here we get to meet a sabretooth tiger, a sloth, and a woolly mammoth and they are on a mission. Roshan, an infant is lost and they need to reunite the family. The journey forms most part of the story.

Madagascar:All their life Alex the lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe have been brought up in a zoo in New York. One fine day they decide that they have had enough and they want to go back to where they belong. They have no idea what wildlife is really like. Four absconding penguins help them and soon they find themselves in an island called Madagascar, among a bunch of merry lemurs.

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's father has been imprisoned and she needs to rescue him. She runs away from the enemy, but is soon attacked. Then along comes the Beast to rescue her. On spending time with him she realises that he is indeed an enchanted prince.

Monsters Inc: There's a whole world when it comes to the Monsters and their city is driven by the noises and scare that are generated as the monsters scare them each night. There's just one rule and that's no child can ever enter Montsropolis. But when Boo enters the scare floor by mistake it changes top scarer Sulley's world completely.


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