Ramadhan is a month when Muslims fast. They fast from sunrise to sunset. After Ramadhan we celebrate Eid ul Fitr. On this day we wear new clothes.

During Ramadhan, I wake up early in the morning and eat my morning meal with my cousins. We eat ghee rice, chappati, mutton, chicken or fish, onion omelette. We drink a lot of water. When the sun rises we pray and go back to sleep. We wake up at seven, and I go to school.

At school I learn about Islam. At sunset all my cousins and aunties and uncles break the fast. We start with zamzam water. Then we eat dates. We eat different types of food like pizzas, cutlets, porridge, soup, noodles (sometimes), samosa and we drink lime juice and badaam milk. After a month of fasting we celebrate Eid. We go to the mosque and pray Eid salah. All the elders in our family give us money to buy some gifts but we collect it for our future. We go home and make biriyani.

Alyina Ibsan,12 years, Al Qamar Academy

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