Learning science will be made more fun when taught with the help of the models developed by the Regional Science Centre, Kozhikode.

Students from Malabar region, who wish to spice up their science studies with the help of supportive science models, have a good piece of news from the research desk of the Regional Science Centre, Kozhikode.

As many as 70 learning models, all designed with a purpose to make the learning of science subjects fascinating, are getting ready at the centre. Nearly 10 models have already been completed and students will be able to get the benefit of the special learning tools by October, this year.

Learning models

The RSC has named the project ‘School Loan Scheme', which aims to provide the science models for various schools to conduct science classes effectively.

The models will be supplied free of cost with a mission to help students who study in institutions that do not have science labs. Altogether, Rs.10 lakh will be devoted towards implementing the novel initiative.

According to V.S. Ramachandran, director of the RSC, the benefit of the project will largely be available for students in the Malabar region. “There are many schools, having no access to science models for inspiring their students and that is the reason we plan to introduce such a scheme from the centre,” he shares.

The plan of RSC is to provide the specially designed models for trained teachers for a period of one week to carry out sessions in their schools. Teachers will be allowed to pick the models of their choice. Any school, lacking lab facilities or wanting to conduct comprehensive science learning programme for their students, can contact the centre and obtain the models.

The specially designed models will be available for teaching the theories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. To make teachers understand how the models are used and its scope in instilling the spirit of science among students, the RSC is planning to conduct special training programme for teachers in Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasargod districts.

More in store

Schools located far away from the RSC headquarters too will get the benefit of the scheme as the RSC is planning to operate a special bus, carrying the science models, to distant locations for facilitating the learning. Decisions have already been taken to make use of a bus, which is presently used for promoting water conservation drives. Mr. Ramachandran says that the 70 science models will be displayed inside the touring bus, which will reach the doorstep of every school, on request of the concerned authorities.

The bus will also carry a high-end telescope for the sky watch campaign for students, he adds. The RSC will spend Rs.5 lakhs in getting the bus ready for its roam around in search of young science enthusiasts.

The RSC is also planning to open an exclusive science lab for displaying all the science models it crafts for the budding learners. The plan of the centre is to freely avail this lab for teachers to conduct occasional science learning sessions for their students.

“Teachers and students can come to the centre and make use of the lab facilities at their best. There won't be any special charges for utilising the services,” says Mr. Ramachandran. According to him, the school loan scheme will be give a novel opportunity for students to learn science in an innovative way. Learning Newton's Laws and Pythagoras theory with the help of these models will certainly produce a desirable change in our learning system, he adds.