Our school days are the best phase in life. It is the first step we take to learn about life. I am feeling sad as I recently finished school and am stepping into the fast-paced competitive world.

To get over my boredom during the holidays, I went through some of my past photographs in school. I was teary-eyed in a matter of seconds as I started missing my school and all the good memories attached to it. I keep telling my little sister and brother to enjoy every minute of school life — have fun, tease your friends, and of course, study too. You can do it only during this time and it would make some of the best memories of your life. There is zero responsibility. If you can write down all your memories about school, you should be able to fill at least a thousand pages. Take every opportunity to make school life memorable.

When teachers give us homework, we feel it’s a great load of work. When elders give us advice, we think it’s a waste of time. Now, I understand that it’s all for our benefit.

So do everything you want to. There are no boundaries when you’re in school. Have fun, sing, dance, jump and laugh.

The writer is in class X, Oasis Public School, Warangal