In the olden days, people used to write on palm leaves with needles. They tried and used various other things such as feathers and later on, dip pens. It was Waterman who invented the fountain pen.

The world has witnessed many changes in the pen industry in the past few decades. There has been a variety of pens such as gel pens, refill, colour pens and even correction pens. Despite such proliferation, the fountain pen is still regarded as the most suitable for improving handwriting.

Before India’s independence, fountain pens were mostly imported. Mahatma Gandhi had encouraged the use of swadeshi pens. Ratnam pens were most favoured since then.

Pens are also excellent collectibles for pen-lovers. There are many models that have gone out of collection. Pen-collecting is a great hobby. So love your pen and write well!

M. MadhulikaVIII ASri Sivananda BalalayaTiruchi