Meet Nicolai Friedrich, whose enchantment with magic led him to make a career out of it.

Like most four-year-olds Nicolai Friedrich loved the circus too. But he didn’t stop with being amazed at the performances — he wanted to amaze too! That’s how magic happened.

Starting off with a box of magic tricks, he soon graduated to performing grand stage illusions and mental tricks where he would read people’s mind. These stunts were more astounding than the circus tricks that inspired him.

It’s out of this world

“I do not saw a woman in half or draw a rabbit out of the hat. I perform more sophisticated tricks. So, calling me a “Mentalist” is most appropriate,” says Nicolai who was in the country recently to perform.

But who makes a career out of magic? His parents were not satisfied with him choosing to become a magician, or a mentalist.

So, to placate them, Nicolai graduated as a lawyer and then after proving to his parents that he was a “professional”, he moved on to his first love — magic.

Nicolai’s talent as a magician and illusionist spread across the world. His tricks were so famous that even the famed magician David Copperfield sought to buy a trick from him.

He may have performed to illustrious audiences the world over, but what about children? How do they react to magic? “Children have a different view of things. For them, a cow appearing out of thin air or a flying table is not impossible. But as adults, we are more educated and hence all of us think the same way. So it is easier to surprise adults than children,” explains Nicolai.

Mentalist, illusionist, magician…call him whatever. But for him, and others like him, the biggest compliment can be only one — to make grown-ups believe and fall in love with magic again!

Fast Five:

A power you wish you had:

To be able to fly

A mystery you wish you could solve:

Of how the universe came to be

A person whose mind you would like

to read:

Currently, Mr. Putin’s. To find out

why he is doing what he is doing.

What awes you more — a circus performance or a magic show?

Magic show, obviously!

Best compliment you’ve received:

A rich person who hired me for a performance said, “You are well worth the money”.