Memories are unique. It is a treasure with which no one can part and lies within us till our last breath. They can be sweet or bitter. Whatever be the case, it makes us nostalgic.

I also have many valuable memories. When I am lonely or bored, my mind simply floats away to the happy and sad moments which I have faced so far. It happens especially during the summer vacation. The hustle and bustle we create during classes and free hours, the shrill whistle of the class monitor, the sudden hush followed by the innocent looks on our faces when the principal goes by for her daily rounds and the countless punishments we get, the laughter, the fights, the teasing and the smiles — these little pieces of unforgettable moments will always be there in our hearts.

But those days are like fallen leaves. Once gone, it cannot be brought back. I just wish I could bring all of it back.

Revathy Balakrishnan, IX C, Mount Carmel Convent AIGHSS, Tangasseri, Kollam