The kids' wish-list was on the website. But, as Christmas came closer, it was becoming more and more obvious that not many wishes had been realised. Could they expect a miracle?

“The children at the Eden Garden orphanage will be disappointed on Christmas day,” said James to his friend David. Mr. Stephen, David's father was a volunteer at the charity organisation called ‘Sunshine Smile for Kids'. Stephen had asked 200 kids in the orphanage to write down what they wanted for Christmas. The children's gift list was posted on the organisation's website and was also forwarded to well wishers. But so far the organisation had received only 50 gifts and Christmas was just a week away.

“I believe in miracles! Ten-year-old Ravi is learning to ride on an old rusty bicycle because he believes he'll receive a new bicycle on Christmas Day! I'm sure God will reward these children's faith,” said David. James wanted to buy a pink party frock and pink shoes for a little girl at the orphanage.

The next day, Saturday, James accompanied by his mother and sister Ruth went to a shopping mall. Seated in a huge arm chair was a plump, cheerful Santa Claus. “I want to meet Santa,” said Ruth.

“I'll buy the frock and shoes for the little girl at Eden Garden,” said James' mother. James gave her the money he had saved. A chubby boy and his father stood in front of them. Soon it was Ruth's turn. When Ruth was done, she ran to her mother and demanded a kitchen set. She threw a tantrum, and her mother relented.

They then went to meet David at the organisations' office. James gave his gift to David.

“David anna, please take this kitchen set,” said Ruth, much to everyone's surprise.

“That Santa at the mall told me a girl in Eden orphanage wanted a kitchen set. Santa told me that Lord Jesus will be happy if I gave a gift to someone without expecting anything in return,” said Ruth. A silver-coloured Benz car stopped in front of the organisation's office and a boy and his father stepped out carrying a shiny new bicycle. “It's the chubby kid I saw at the mall,” said James. “The Santa at the mall told my son Karthik about a kid in Eden orphanage who wanted a bicycle,” said the chubby kid's father. James and David rushed back to the mall.

At the mall, a skinny Santa was listening to a boy's Christmas list. Stephen contacted the mall's manager and enquired about the Santa, James saw in the morning. “He worked here for three weeks. He quit this afternoon. He refused to accept money for his Santa's job. He did not give any address,” said the manager.

“What's his name?” asked David.

“Nicholas,” said the manager.

“Nicholas is another name for Santa Claus! ”said Stephen.

“It's Christmas time, a time to believe in miracles,” said James.

On Christmas day the children at the orphanage received their desired gifts.

Majority of the gift givers were children who said that a fat Santa at the mall asked them to buy a gift for someone at the orphanage.