If maths gives you the heebie-jeebies, this book is a treat!

What is common between love of cricket and the love of mathematics? Plenty, if the story of little Anirudh is anything to go by.

Love for cricket

“Crickematics!” the latest audio-book by Karadi Tales, is the story of cricket-crazy Anirudh who has nightmares about mathematics. But eventually, his love for cricket teaches him to love mathematics too, thanks to his coach who trains him to integrate cricket and mathematics. After all, if Anirudh is good at calculating the asking rate in a match in a jiffy, he can extend the same mathematical logic to his exam paper too, right? So Anirudh discovers a new subject: Crickematics!

“Crickematics!” is part of a new series of audio books, which include a book and an audio CD, titled Will You Read With Me? Children can read the book as the CD plays out the story in audio, which is a dramatised narration with music.

This audio-book has been narrated by the cricket legend Rahul Dravid. The story has been written by Anshumani Ruddra. The book has whacky illustrations by M. Kathiravan. The music for the audio CD is by Usha Uthup and Shankar Mahadevan.