Maths is in volcanic eruptions, traffic jams, human figures and manufacturing cars. With this in view, six students under the guidance of a team of experts from Mindspark, came up with a unique idea for a first of its kind mathematics competition — Mathcovery. Meant for students between Stds. V and X, it seeks to help students realise the unlimited potential of mathematics through the discovery of Math present in the most unexpected things and places. The participants can submit their ideas, explaining the presence of math in situations and objects where it is not apparent.

To participate in Mathcovery, log on to and register online. After registering you will need to submit your Mathcovery idea, with a brief explanation of the mathematical concepts used. The entries will be assessed on the basis of not being obvious of the idea, clarity of thought, understanding of the topic, creativity and depth of knowledge. The last date for submitting the Mathcovery idea is September 10, 2010.