November 14, the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. Here’s what some kids wish for themselves and the country, on this day. These wishes remind us that the welfare of the child is most important if the country needs to preserve its quality and dreams.


My only wish for this Children's Day is to attempt the ‘Science Olympiad'. I've been preparing for this exam since March. The exam is on November 14. If my Olympiad goes well, and I come in the list of meritorious students, my parents will surely feel proud of me and I'll also gain confidence. I can excel in Science — the field I've chosen as my career.

Nehru said, “Hard work leads to success”.

DHAWAL UPADHYAY, IX-C, Sainik School Kunjpura, Karnal

Move on

My wish is to improve the education and job facility in our country. As a citizen it is our duty to make our country a developed one moving on from the term “developing nation”. If we provide enough opportunities within the country we can stop the brain drain.

AKASH SIVARAM, X C, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ottapalam, Palakkad

No teasing, please

My Children's Day wish is to have one day without being teased. I have recently moved in to India after spending 10 years in Dubai, U.A.E. I am an epilepsy patient. When I first came to this school, everybody was afraid to approach me because they considered me ‘foreign'. One day, during assembly, I had a seizure. It shocked my classmates and teachers. It took half an hour to calm everybody down and another two hours to get me to a hospital. I was absent from school for a week. When I came back, everyone's apprehension had turned into discrimination. I had a disease which they did not have, so they considered me an outcast. Worse still, they started to tease me. I couldn't take this. Everyday when I return from school I lock myself in my room and cry. I want to have at least one day when I am not teased and am treated like the other children in the school.

That's all I ask. And all I ever will ask for.

TAMANNA SAJEED, VII, St. Paul's International School, Kalamassery, Kerala

Learn to give

My wish is to be able to teach at least five children to read and write. As Children's day falls on a Sunday I want to organise a rally spreading the message “Teach a child to read and write”. At school, my class started a small club so that we can donate pencils, books, colour pencils and so on.

KAUSHIK VARMA, VIII A, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Uplands, Asilmetta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

United, we stand

I wish that we the younger generation protect our country from corruption. I call the younger generation “Come do something heroic”. I wish we can protect and reform this pure land of culture. Since happiness is found in doing, not merely in possessing. For we are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish to do, we have the power to make it in future.

Though the millions of people of India are divided horizontally by, race, tribe and caste into a far greater diversity, I wish we all stand as one and remarkable like the way our country appears on the world map.

TAUSHIQ BALAMURUGAN, II, The Monarch International School, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Time to wish

I always have a wish on two occasions one is my birthday and the second one is Children's Day. I thank Chacha Nehru for this wonderful opportunity which he has provided to children of this nation.

My wish this year is unique in the sense that one period of mine in the class should be given as Wish Time enabling all my friends in the class to discuss about their wishes and the best wishes be recognised. This is my wish which I am sure will turn into a movement of children.

VISHAKHA H MANEK, XI, Sree Venkateswara M.H.S.S., Chennai.

Just a li'l chocolate

For Children's Day, I would wish for all the children in the world to have a good childhood. As children, they shouldn't have to face the evils of the world. They should be able to enjoy their life with other children because it's the only time they can be completely happy.

If I had to make a wish for myself personally, I would wish for lots and lots of chocolate because I'm addicted to it. If I see milk chocolate, I go crazy. I almost cannot control myself. Sometimes I think it's better that there is no chocolate around, because if there was, I'd feel very tempted to finish them fast and not leave any for my brother or anyone else. But that's why I'm wishing for lots and lots of chocolate, so that I don't run out of it and everyone can have some.

I guess I've made my decision, this year, I wish for milk chocolate, lots of it.

JUAN SAM, XI, Metropolitan H.S.S. Puthencavu P.O., Chengannur, Kerala

Best friends

My wish is to meet my old friends. As my father got transferred a year ago, we had to move to another place. I still miss my teachers and friends. Although I am now used to this new place and my new friends, I still want to meet my old friends.

If my best friend were to come here or if I could go there I would want to go for a picnic, or to the seashore, or to a water park.. She will also get to meet my new best friend. Make. The three of us will have a good time.

DURGA AMBIKA MENON, IV B, Atomic Energy Central School, Kudankulam,

Tamil Nadu

Be kind

I wish that all children treat animals with love and care. Everyday I see children illtreating animals. Last week a number of sweet little monkeys were sitting on the school wall. They were so cute and it was nice to watch them. Suddenly a few kids came running and shouting and began throwing stones at the poor animals. They ran away in fear. That same day, while on my way home, I spotted a sweet little puppy sitting by the roadside. As I stood there watching its lovely face, a few boys came along and dragged it by its ears and started choking it for no reason. When I asked them to stop, they ignored me. I wish kids join together to stop cruelty to animals.

TANYA SHARON FRANCIS, VI E, Johnson Grammar School (ICSE) Street No.3, Kakatiyanagar, Habsiguda, Hyderabad

For peace

I wish for the country's welfare because if our country functions properly so will its citizens. I also wish for peace . Not only for our country, but for the whole world.

ARUNITA BORGOHAIN, VII, Maria's Public School, Guwahati

Through the glass

I was getting into my Lamborghini, thankful for its comfort. I knew I couldn't drive this sweet monster but my curious mind almost killed me with temptation. I throttled with an inhuman speed that even Schumacher would say ‘impossible'. Soon, I was zipping through the lanes, until I felt the earth was round, not flat! I was flying in space. I looked back and saw the orange flames coming out of the V12. There was only one thing to see — the moon!

I touched the lunar surface…Isn't that Neil Armstrong jumping around there like a bunny? Isn't that the MIP flaming down? I put my hand out and took that piece of lunar debris. ISRO wouldn't be so happy to hear that I was fiddling with it! Suddenly my ‘God friend' Sam with red coloured spikes, black guitar, iPod and vinyl appeared.

“Yo, man! Enjoying my new speed rocket? Well dude, time up!” Sam joked. Sam jumped on the gear and pulled reverse throttle. I was back on my bed faster than a lightning bolt, holding a scale model of the car.

I know I can do it in my own style. But right now, my wish is just on the drawing board of imagination. Looking through the glass. Not just on Children's Day, but every day I feel I move one step closer to my wish of exploring the stars.

ARAVIND S KUMAR, VII B, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, Kochi, Kerala.

Take a trek

My wish is to go trekking in the mountains, to be able to sight many wild animals and spend some time with enjoying nature at its best.

NARESH RENGASWAMY, VII 'A', M.CT.M. School , Mylapore, Chennai.

Wish list

I wish to see my nation a happy and successful one on all fronts.

I wish to see my generation get rid off corruption which is eating our nation like cancer.

I wish to see politicians work as per the ideals of Gandhiji and L.B.Shastriji.

I wish to see the people of this country retain civic sense, common sense, lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle, care for the animals and our pristine forests.

I wish we strive to build a society which cares for human values and relationships rather than just money, money, money.

I wish our colony is organised when it comes to disposing waste.

I wish the traffic is organised while I am going to school.

I wish the beautiful beach in my town will be taken care by all concerned, especially people by not littering.

I wish the government can do something to phase out the vehicles that release harmful gasses thereby polluting the environment and our health as well.

I wish parents and elders spend enough time with children instead of watching TV.

I wish there would be many more Tendulkars, Viswanath Anands, Amartya Sens, Arundhati Roys and others who will make this country shine.

E. ANIRUDH ADITYA, II C, Acharrya Bala Siksha Mandir, Thengaithittu, Puducherry.