Children and adults sat mesmerised as they watched Sorcar perform almost impossible feats.

Has there been a moment when you suddenly found toffees flying right out of air and landing where you were seated? Or have you witnessed flying appalams? Brace yourself as you enter a world of magic and make sure you stay there as the two hours will be worth it!

Magic always starts with a bang and you will enter the world of illusion and make believe as reams of cloth come out of a can, a pillar pops up in front of your eyes. P. C. Sorcar's tricks also include the age old “Water of India” trick where water keeps running into a bucket as you see him pour it out of a kettle. All you need to do is chant three words “Water of India” and voila! water refills itself in the jar. The birds appearing in the nets as he shoots into the air was also a big hit. Another trick that had the audience in rapt attention was the woman and the sword trick. Despite having ten swords pierced into her through the box in which she was kept, she emerges unscathed.

If you have been a P.C Sorcar fan then you would have seen several of his family tricks like “The temple of Benaras”, “House of magic”, “Water of India” and the joker tricks. Dressed in bright clothes he lights up the stage as you see him pouring milk into a paper cone and watch it disappear.

He then went on to his next trick with the mummy of a Princess of Egypt. He causes the mummy to levitate and then almost disappear! But only to find her back in her glass box.

His assistants too have a few tricks up their sleeves. Four tribal chiefs try to catch a lady but she uses magic and chains them up instead. Other popular tricks include “The mis-matched lady”, “Tribal lady”, “Cutting a lady” and the “Disappearing ducks”.

It's the finale that takes the cake and Sorcar opens Pandora's box to find the stage filled with skeletons. He tries to make them disappear but you find him disappearing and then before you realise what had happened he reappears at the back of the hall.

With magic in his blood and a profession that has been running in the family since 1913, P.C..Sorcar Junior is a delight and will leave you only yearning for more!

The P.C. Sorcar magic show is on in Chennai till May 29 at Rani Seethai Hall, weekdays at 7 p.m. and weekends at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

To book tickets, call 99410 18686.

YUTHIKA, IV, Sacred Heart Matriculation School: I have been to several magic shows but this one is the best. I can sit for a long time and just see many tricks. My favourite was the jokers and the swords trick.

IWYN, VI, Montfort School, Yercaud: I have been to P.C. Sorcar's shows before. I love magic shows so don't miss any. I like the disappearing acts and want to see more of those.

ASHUTOSH VII and ANUJ, VI, The Schram Academy: We love the blade, swords tricks the best. We like the different types of tricks he does. We loved the appalams coming out of air. We want to know how can he do so many tricks like this.

RASHI, II, Sishya: This is my first ever magic show. I did not like the jokers on stage but I loved the cutting of the woman using blades. Also loved the sword tricks. I want to see more flowers and butterflies coming out of air.

A magic trick for you: Blood from lemon

This is a simple and easy trick.

Hold a lemon in one hand and a knife in the other.

Say a few magic words and try to cut the lemon in half. As you cut the lemon instead of lime juice, a red

coloured liquid will spurt out of the lemon.

You can now scream “blood …it's blood coming out from the lemon”.


The secret behind this magic lies in the knife.

Buy a China Rose Flower from the flower market (Scientific name: Hibiscus) rub it thoroughly on both sides of the knife. You are now ready for the show.

When the juice of the China Rose comes in contact with lime juice it reacts to produce a red liquid.

To make the magic a bit more serious you can use a dagger or a mini hand saw instead of the knife. But please be careful while handling these.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012