There's hardly anyone who does not like to eat! But what about those who do not like cooking? This one is for those of you who love cooking. And here's something you can do without having to light a fire. It is an innovative and safe way to get introduced to the world of cooking. Rest assured that this cooking is easy.

Recently, at a summer camp titled “Fireless cooking” organised by Aasiya Hasham and Khairunnissa Azeem of Cook Town, enthusiastic kids found themselves having a wonderful time cooking.

Twenty five participants aged between seven and 13 spent three hours a day, three days a week and at the end of which they were transformed into little chefs!

Getting into the act

The children were given their chef hat, an apron, measuring cups, spoons, bowls, fruit knife and a peeler. They sat on their stools listening to the instructions as they busily made their lime mint cooler and strawberry cream pudding. Equipped with their own e-book and a set of instructions they didn't need to take notes. At the end of the session every participant wanted her dish to look good.

The most popular drink was Café Frappe and for the eats it was the vegetable grilled sandwich. When the cooking was done, they made sure that the kitchen was clean and the garbage taken out.

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VARNIKA, VI, Lady Andal School: I was so excited when my friend called me to tell me about the course. I have always loved cooking and the mayo sandwich is what I loved making the most. It was nice to learn these tips that will help us later.

NILOFUR, VIII, Ewart School: I got to know about this through my mom and even though it's my first time here I know I am coming back for the chocolate class again. I want to make all the dishes and like everyone else I loved the café frappe the best.

KARTHIKEYAN, VIII, VOC Vidyalaya: I like cooking and can make different kinds of parathas. I want to be a chef and here am the only guy in this class. But cooking is natural to me and all that I make for my parents become a big hit at home.

AZAARA, II, St. Charles High School, Bangalore: I like cooking and I like helping my mother in the kitchen. I love drinking juices so I was very happy to learn a few more.

JANAVI, V, Lady Andal School: I like cutting vegetables for mom. I also like stirring them in the pan. I have always considered this as a career option so starting young would be the best choice. The Monaco cheese cracker recipe was my favourite.

Melon –O – Lemon

Ingredients: Watermelon – 1/2; Pomegranate – 1; Lime – 3/4; Sugar - 3tbsp; Pepper - a pinch

Method: Cut the watermelon into small pieces. Set aside. Peal the pomegranate & remove the seeds. Set aside. Now, add the pomegranate with the watermelon pieces, squeeze the lime and blend in a juicer. Then, add in the sugar and sprinkle pepper. Blend well. Sieve through a strainer. Blend once again and serve in tall glasses.

Vegetable Mayonnaise Sandwich


Bread - 2 slices; Carrot - 1/4th (grated); Capsicum - 4 strips (chopped); Tomato - ½ (deseeded & chopped); Cucumber - small piece (deseeded & chopped); Onion - 1/4th (chopped); Lettuce - 1 leaf; Mayonnaise -2 tbsp; butter to spread; Salt & pepper to sprinkle.


Cut the sides of the bread & butter the bread slices. Then place the lettuce leaf on one side. In a bowl, put mayonnaise and all the vegetables. Sprinkle salt & pepper. Mix well. Liberally apply the mayonnaise mixture on the bread. Serve with tomato sauce.


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