Oxford Bookstore and World Storytelling Institute organised a summer storytelling session of Japanese and Arabic Folk Tales by Supraja, an engineer and passionate story teller. The story telling was followed by an innovative art and craft workshop with the kids. The works created by the kids were judged by Eric Miller - CEO World Storytelling Institute.

Supraja narrated three folktales — one from India (a Tenali Raman story), one from West Asia, and one from Japan.

After each story, the children were showed a picture of the main character of the story. The children thereafter were invited to write words which described the character's personality, and to draw their own pictures of favourite episodes of the story.

This session was formatted for children between five and 13 years and it was aimed at nurturing their creative skills.

Supraja uses a combination of performing arts and creative arts in her work with children; she is an experienced singer, dancer, dramatist, and storyteller..


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