My parents, teachers and friends are with me throughout the day. But there is one supplementary superstar that surrounds us round the clock, and that is science.

I wake up every day because of science. A body clock is set to make me wake up at a precise time even without alarms.

When I go to school, it can’t be done without science. The mechanical energy formed when we pedal our bicycles and the friction produced, sandwiched between the wheels and the road, play a major role in the moving of a bicycle. I eat food on a timely basis because my digestive system requires it. I can assume, memorise and learn only because of my Central Processing Unit — my brain. The neurons, receptors and nervous system make sure I don’t burn my hands while handling boiling milk.

All the electronic gadgets that we use daily are supported by scientific know-how. From a miniature toy car to a hefty aircraft, science is necessary.

I am grateful to science which keeps my life trouble-free, secure and sheltered.

Sharath Raveendran, X, Nirmala Matha Convent School, Eyyal, Thrissur