Many don’t know what it is like to live in a hostel. Most children assume that hostels are meant to separate them from their parents. That isn’t the case.

Like a lot of things, hostel life also has advantages. One is saving time. When you’re in a hostel, time saved on commuting to and from school can be used for other purposes.

Friends are important to us. Children tend to share their problems with and seek advice from friends. They trust one another. And what could be better than spending every minute of the day with the people you trust the most!

Hostel life enables one to be self-sufficient and confident. We get to study and play in a safe and secure environment. We’d be able to tackle any situation without depending on someone else. Staying in a hostel has its perks. When the first step is taken, the fruits of success shall follow.

The writer is in class XI A, Paavai MHSS, Namakkal