Six interesting books that promise to take you back in time and into the lives of people who made history.

Every Saturday morning, Knick Knack market comes to life. The street traders are there even before the sun is up. And even before the town folks see the dawn, stalls are built, boxes opened and all the goods carefully laid out on show. But there's one stall that is different. And that's Rummage's Knick Knacks. It's a stall piled up with a higgledy-piggledy jumble of things one would never want.

And it's here that you meet a few important characters. Digby is curious and playful and his sister Hester is watchful and argumentative. Though she does not believe a word of what Mr. Rummage says she still follows her brother as he goes through the odds and ends. Each time Digby picks up an object, Rummage rattles off a story about the person it belonged to.

William Shakespeare's dramatic works have stood the test of time and continue to entertain and educate generations with its universal themes. But there are nuances in the book that may not be so well known.

Mozart, the musical genius's full name was Wolfgang Amadeus. He was prodigy and he changed the world of western classical music with his remarkable compositions and unbelievable talent.

Mother Teresa — “Angel of Mercy” — brought hope to millions of homeless people with her message of love and mercy.

Mahatma Gandhi also known as “The Father of the Nation” was one of the greatest leaders of the world. He inspired generations with his message of peaceful resistance.

Leonardo da Vinci was known as a man of great ideas and he left a lasting impression on the world of art as well as science with his visionary innovations and modern thought.

Martin Luther King was the champion of equality and he fought for the freedom of all those who are oppressed and gave them a chance to dream of a world rid of racism.

History disguised as fiction is alluring. The main plot runs parallel to the life of the characters in the book. The illustrations bring to life the story.

Here are illustrated life stories of the world's most inspiring people — leaders and visionaries whose vision, ideas, achievements and contributions changed the course of history and made our world what it is today. Join Digby and other characters as they bring excitement to the pages as they rediscover people who have changed the course of history.

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART, A musical genius; LEONARDO DA VINCI, A man of great ideas; WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, The bard of Avon; MARTIN LUTHER KING, Champion of equality; MAHATMA GANDHI, Father of the nation; MOTHER TERESA, Angel of mercy, Hachette India, Rs. 125 each


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012