Once, there lived three friends, Ram, Shankar and Krishna. They used to play together on weekends and on Sundays they would go to the park and play till late evening.

One evening, the caretaker of the park asked the boys to help him clean the park. Ram and Shankar were reluctant to help him out and wanted to go home as soon as possible, but Krishna agreed to help out.

Krishna stayed back and helped the caretaker clean the park till nightfall. His mother came looking for him and next day, this matter was told to his class teacher, principal and classmates. Everyone appreciated Krishna.

But Krishna also became the subject of envy for Ram and Shankar. They understood that it was Krishna’s selflessness that earned him all the praise. They also decided to help someone in need the next time.

One day, a student slipped and fell at school. He had cracked his head on the floor and was bleeding profusely. There was no one else to help him. Ram and Shankar saw this and called an ambulance. Krishna went and told the principal. By then, the ambulance had arrived and the boys were helping the injured boy in.

The principal, teachers and other students appreciated Ram and Shankar for their quick thinking. Krishna was also proud of his friends.

J. Roopesh, VI C, Kongu National MHSS, Erode