A unique ceremony marked the Navarathri ceremony.

As the children ran about in excitement, mothers helped their toddlers identify colourful objects that were displayed, teachers scurried from one end to the other to ensure that everything was in place for commencement of the function.

The campus of Nalanda Vidya Niketan bustled with activity as part of the Navaratrula Panduga (nine-day festival) of Dasara. Adhering to age old customs associated with the festival, the school management utilised the occasion to help children realise the importance of learning.


The occasion also came handy for teachers to promote eco-friendly celebrations. With the help of a group of teachers, students of senior classes prepared a six-foot high colourful idol of Saraswathi. It was made with recycled paper.

A puja marked the commencement of the festivities in which the priests from the Chinna Jeer ashram participated.

A Bommala koluvu, (an assortment of toys) was displayed which had many a toddler reaching out to grab them. In the evening, a cultural programme was organised.

The Dandiya was the highlight. This was followed by a string of competitions in group and individual categories. Many spoke on the significance of the nine-day festival. “The concept of the nine avatars of the goddess during the nine-day festival raised a great deal of curiosity and excitement among the children who are eager to know all about the festival,” said Principal M. Padmaja.

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