With the mushrooming of preschools, it's seen that these schools are not just limited to games and activities but they also help with physical development and learning.

The advent of technology where the whole world has become a global village too can be attributed to the wide range of preschool activities that are now available. Sure enough, the children enjoy these activities.


Apart from the innovative indoor activities many of the preschools in the city are also giving importance to outdoor experiences. Anjana Amar, co-ordinator, Little Elly, which is a concept pre-school, says that children enjoy the outdoor experiences. In the present scenario, preschoolers are given practical activities so that the learning becomes easy.

“Tiny tots are exposed to actual environment with activities such as super market visit, visit to dentist's clinic among others,” she adds.

Their views

Sanjana, a pre-schooler, says that she enjoyed visiting the zoo. “I saw tigers, peacock and chimpanzee for the first time. I was really happy. I also touched the deer and felt its furry skin,” she said. While, Aston, a preschooler, says that toy sharing day is his favourite. “I have real fun playing with my favourite toys and also have a look at various new toys. I also let others play with my toy,” he adds with a twinkle in his eye.

There are a large number of games and activities used in preschool education which have educational value, and are also very entertaining and creative.

Innovative ideas

Shape eating is one such fun activity that was found to be a favourite among the tiny tots. Here vegetables and fruits were cut into various sizes and shapes. Not only did the children relish the fruits and vegetables, but also learnt a lot about them in a fun way.

The other activities the preschoolers enjoy are the concept of celebrating various days to make learning fun. Holi and other days such as day of flowers educate them in a natural way without burdening them. Also dressing up as doctors, vegetable sellers, police, robbers and such others are the roles they enjoy as it also allows them to know their prominence in the society.