Curiosity was still experimenting in Mars and Chandrayaan II was still on the moon. But it was all in vain. Earth’s end was near. No plants could be seen. Scientists were panicking, and kept searching for another earth-like planet for signs of new life. They didn’t give up. Nations spent scores of money to bring earth back to its original state. They hoped that they could bring this brown and ugly planet back to life.

A man walked through the hot desert, the sun blazing above him. The past surged through his mind. Scientists had known that this was going to happen. They had tried to warn the people. Though it was everyone’s business, it was no one’s business. Voices kept rising for the earth and the axes kept injuring the trees.

Now he was in search of greenery. He had been going around for weeks. He hadn’t found anything. There was only sand all around him. He was fatigued. He couldn’t take another step and fell on the hot sand. But he was elated by the sight in front of him. He wasn’t sure if his eyes were deceiving him. He stretched out his hand and drove his fingers through it. It was real. The search was finally over. He had found it — the last hope!

Vimal Das E.S., CHM HSS Pookolathur, Malappuram

Keywords: Student writing