Walking through the foreshore of my mystic land, I leave my own footprints that are lashed and forgotten easily by the golden sands that has seen many.

But the other day, a perfect sunny morning when wild wind turned naughty rustled, swishes of secrets among the Ashoka trees, little children all gay, were Kite Runners! In the short-lived infatuation to fly one, I rushed to one of them and ran like a little girl who regained the reminiscence of a fiery childhood.

For one split second, realisation dawned upon me that the kite doesn't reach the sky the very moment but only makes slow progress with effort. Sometimes, it floats like a free-bird, but then suddenly it is all uncontrollable! So much like our own lives, where in spite of knowing that the string is in our hands, we come to know that man proposes something and God disposes it, the way it is destined to be. Also, not knowing where to go and just ‘moving with the wind' are common to a kite and Man.

Sometimes it simply gets stuck with a mere obsession like a tree or a post and falls down as soon as it gets disillusioned by it. This is so much like the life we know of constantly demanding changes. The kite sometimes encounters other kites, and the thin surface of intimacy is often broken like the silly clashes among men, we face in our daily pursuits. Apart from philosophising on life, the kite taught me to fly! It is simply amazing that nature provides you with immense reasons to personify with and ‘make a difference'

Aathira is a student of Std XII at Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Eroor.