World over, February 17 is unofficially observed as Random Act of Kindness Day — a day dedicated to helping out family, friends or strangers selflessly. Our readers write in about some of their acts of their kindness.

Friend in need…

My friend was a slow learner and physically challenged as well. He couldn’t take down notes from the board as fast as the others. So, after classes and during breaks, I used to sit with him and help him. I would explain the lessons again which helped him score good marks.

A life revived

It was a hot summer day when my friends and I, who were playing outside, spotted a baby squirrel. It looked like it had fallen from the nearby tree. Everyone started taunting the helpless squirrel and I pitied it.

I ran back to my house and brought back a model of the nest I had made for my science project. My friends laughed at me but I placed the baby squirrel inside the nest and nursed it with milk with the help of cotton. After a few days of nursing, the baby got back on its legs and went away.

Rain rescue

One evening, I was walking home and it was raining heavily. I had my umbrella with me. Then I saw an old man getting wet in the rain. I shared my umbrella with him and accompanied him till his house. When I went home, my mother appreciated my good deed.


I always like to start my day with something positive, whether it is in school or at home. I once helped a visually challenged old man climb the steps of a church.

Cry for help

One day my brother and I were travelling in our car. We saw a baby crying near a shop on the road. There was nobody nearby, so we picked her up and reported at the police station. After a week, the baby’s mother came to our house to thank us and gave us a gift.

Give for a cause

My neighbour and I made bracelets, necklaces and rings to kill our time during the summer holidays. We then sold it to our parents, friends and others. But once school started, we discontinued and we had earned Rs. 700 by then. One day my domestic help was upset over her daughter’s college fee and so we gave the money to her.

Wings to freedom

One evening I was playing in the garden with my friends when I saw a little pigeon, hurt and limping. My mother and I took it home and kept it in our balcony, which was netted and hence safe. I gave the little pigeon some grains of rice and water. It stayed in our house for two days. The third day it was able to fly and so, we opened the net a little bit and it flew away. But since then, it has started coming to our balcony every day.


A heart of goldNovember 14, 2014