While swimming is good for your health it is also fun.

Tne interesting activity you can look forward to during summer is swimming. It is especially fun for those who love water because this activity means being drenched. The other option for a good drenching is to wait for the monsoon. According to the star signs Aquarians and Pisceans love water.

Swimming can do wonders to your body. It’s an all round exercise where every part of your body gets worked on. It is especially beneficial if you have not exercised for a long time or do not like outdoor activities.

In the blue

It goes without saying that learning how to swim would be useful if you were ever thrown into the sea in unforeseen circumstances. Hmm, scared? You must have seen lifeguards save others from drowning in Baywatch? But won’t it be better if you’re able to save yourself, especially if you were ever stranded or alone? You must have enjoyed watching Cast Away, Splash and Life of Pi! One of the things you learn early is to float. So, if you ever had to swim a long distance and get tired, you could lie flat on your stomach.

For some of you it will be difficult to continue your sessions after the summer break. But enjoy it while you’re there! Two months is enough to learn the basics of swimming and you can swim 50 metres without stopping to catch your breath. In any case, when you come back next year, you’ll be more confident.

Also, don’t forget to have a bath after your swimming sessions as it is necessary to wash off the chlorine that is used to keep the pools clean.