Everybody wants a life filled with happiness and success. But these two factors are not accomplished without facing problems or difficulties in life. Financial problems, personal problems, peer pressure, fear of failure among other things causes a person to express emotions like anger and fear leading to depression and denial. It is human nature for one to feel let down and give up on everything.

Failure can cause depression and it can make a person angry as well. It is easy for someone to express anger, but tougher to resolve it. Fear emerges when one is not ready to do something because of lack of confidence or being aware of one’s dangerous surrounding.

Control over our emotions is necessary to keep our life in control. A person needs to express negative emotions too. It doesn't make one a bad person. We must express it in a harmless manner. Our life is exposed to various situations that are good and bad. But at such times, if our negative emotions take over, it becomes difficult for a person to live peacefully.

The writer is in Class X, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School, Jubilee Hills