Aadil Nazarudeen who has already proved himself a National level as a karate champ is on his way to bring the World Cup home.

After consistently claiming titles in State and national level tournaments, karate kid Aadil Nazarudeen is now preparing to attend the 19th KOI (Kobe Osaka International) World Cup to be held in Evia, Greece. A Std IX student of Love Dale Residential School, Attingal, Aadil is now busy preparing to bring home his first world title.

“I am working hard for this event and am really looking forward to it,” says the soft spoken champion. The tournament is to be held from July 18 to 25.

Loads of laurels

This is not the first time that Aadil will be competing on an international platform. He has earlier participated in under-15 category of KOI Karate World Cup held in Manila, Philippines in 2004 and more recently in the KOI Asian Karate Championship held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2009. A third degree black belt karate champion, Aadil was elected the best karateka of India in 2005. This is besides the numerous titles and trophies that he won at the State and national level. First prize in Kata (classic shadow fighting), Open Kata and Kumite (sport fighting) categories at the Indo-Sri Lankan International Goodwill Karate Championship held in Varkala in 2008, KATA first prize and Open Kata third prize at the Seventh All India Invitation Open Karate Championship held at Nagercoil in 2007, are to mention a few.

The teacher and guide of this young champion is his father S. Nazarudeen who himself is a karate champion and master trainer. He has been training his son in karate since Aadil turned eight.

“Initially as a kid Aadil did not show much interest in karate and that saddened me. But later on he started coming to our classroom, observing students and showing some interest. Slowly this interest grew and I also started teaching and motivating him. Soon I realised that he had an in-born talent,” said Mr. Nazarudeen.

Today he is a proud father and an immensely happy trainer. “I am really proud of my son. But what I want to say is that there are a number of kids out there who have the talent and who should be nurtured to become champions,” he said.


For Aadil, meanwhile, karate is not just about overpowering your opponents and winning titles. He says that the sport also helps in instilling the virtues of discipline and respect for others.

“Respecting others, mastering skills, leading a disciplined life and defending ourselves and others from attackers are the main values I have learnt from karate,” says the champ who aspires to be an IPS officer.

“Besides my family my teachers and school principal have also been giving a great support. Since I have to travel quite a lot for participating in tournaments I cannot do without the help of my teachers and friends,” said Aadil, who is a native of Chathanpara near Attingal, where he lives with his father mother Razeena and sister Ruby.