Once there lived a boy named Kannan. One day, he was playing with his brother when he saw two cute kittens. He took them home and named them Ammu and Chinnu. After a while, Ammu became sick and died. Kannan cried for a whole day. But he still had Chinnu and they became good friends.

Kannan’s parents scolded him and asked him to get rid of Chinnu, but he didn’t do so. His mother told him not to take the kitten inside the house. But when she goes to work, Kannan would take Chinnu inside and let her out before his mother returned.

One day, Kannan took Chinnu to school. He hid her in his bag and when his friends asked him what it was, he didn’t reply. Then Chinnu started meowing and the class teacher heard it. She was a nice person and didn’t complain to the principal. Instead, she called his mother and told her everything. His mother took him home and scolded him and told him never to take the kitten inside the house or to school. Kannan was sad, but he kept Chinnu in a cardboard box. They lived happily ever after.

Sidharth N., IV C, Palghat Lions School, Palakkad