It was the eve of the Maths examination. The students of Std. 10 were busy studying. The phone lines were buzzing in almost all of the students' houses as they were calling each other to clarify doubts.

But, Ahmad, Kishore and Peter, popularly known in the school as the “notorious trio” were working harder than the others. They were busy writing “bit” papers!

Finally, the day of the exam dawned. The trio came to school confident that they would pass. The exam began and the question papers were distributed. The trio beamed with joy as their prediction of the question paper was remarkably accurate. They began writing. They referred to the “bits” time and again.

Ravi, the class leader, was sitting right behind them. He noticed that they were cheating and he was disgusted. He knew that as the class leader he had to report them. But, he thought if he reported them, they would be punished. The trio might get upset and who could say what they would do!

After the exam, Ravi called the trio and told them that what they had done was wrong and that they would never learn anything in life if they continued to do so. He told them that he had considered reporting it to the teacher but had decided to give them a second chance.

The results came out the trio topped the class in the exam. However, in the next exam their scores decreased. Ravi was very surprised and then a possible explanation occurred to him. He had succeeded in making the trio realize the error of their ways!

Sriraghav Srinivasan, X B, Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya S.S.S.

Keywords: maths