Have a very special Christmas by making your own decorations.

Christmas! Shops are brimming with goodies — yummy stuff to eat, cards, goodies to buy for others. Shop windows display Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes with decorations from the cute to the sophisticated, traditional and funky. Cards, carols, and the weather, all add to the festive season.

Swing it

Any discarded CD's or similar things lying around?

Step 1. Draw a design on one side with a sketch pen.

Step 2. Apply feviquick carefully on each part of the design

Step 3. Use sequins and spangles of various colours. Paste it on the glue according to your colour scheme.

Option 2. Use different lentils

yellow – toor dhal, orange – masoor dhal, green – moong, lighter shade of yellow – broken moong, black – whole urad dhal, cream – urad.

After letting the dhals to dry, give them a coat of varnish.

Thread a ribbon or a gold thread through the hole in the middle and hang it on the tree or in doorways.

Pop corn

Step 1. Pop some corn the usual way in a heavy bottomed pan that is tightly closed on a low flame.

Or you can buy the ready made ones in the packets.

Step 2. Colour them lightly with food colouring (do not use paints)

Step 3. Thread them with needle and thread into long strings and hang them on the tree

Note: You can change this every three to four days. Do not throw away the popcorn streamers, instead hang them out on trees or on your terrace, so that the birds can feast on them.