As a part of the Joy of Giving Week, the Design for Change Contest offers you a chance to make a change.

The Design for Change Contest is part of the Joy of Giving Week and offers school students an opportunity to participate in this nationwide movement to experience firsthand, the happiness that comes from doing something that benefits others.

Inspired by the Mahatma's statement “Be the change you want to see in the world”, the idea is to demonstrate how effective children can be when they perceive themselves as agents of change. All you have to do is design solutions for problems that you encounter in your life, school, neighbourhood or community. Implement these solutions in one week (any week from now until October 2). Document your work and send it to DFC!

The contest is open to children from ages eight to 15. However, it is recommended that children from Stds. V to VII participate as they are likely to have the least amount of academic pressure.

Each team must consist of five core members and a mentor (teacher). The project can be executed by as many students in the school as will participate.

You can pick any one week from August 15 to October 2 based on your school schedules. You can take a few days more to complete it. But ensure that entries reach by October 15. There will be no extension of this deadline.

There are over a 100 prizes to be won in India. Inspiring stories from all countries will be presented at the United Nations.

This contest is completely free of charge. However, we would appreciate your support in helping DFC contact as many schools as possible to take part.

1. Send in names and addresses of school leaders who you think would like to participate.

2. Invite schools in your neighbourhood to take part in workshops conducted by DFC.

Contact DFC if you would like a workshop conducted for your school team. Workshops will be conducted in your neighbourhood and dates and venue for these will be intimated to you a week in advance.If your school invites a minimum of five schools, the DFC team will conduct this workshop on your school premises.

Write to for the Toolkit. This provides information of how to conduct the contest and a registration form with a self addressed envelope Toolkits are available in eight Indian languages. Template formats for submission are available at

For more information write to Arathi Abraham at or call +919444903700