Remember all the promises you made yourself of untold treats once the exams got over? So, how is it going for you?

You have probably chatted all you wanted, done all the usual things on Facebook, watched the late night shows on TV, all the movies in town…Suddenly, now you don't know what else to do.

So, here are a few suggestions you may consider.

Unless you are lucky enough to be living in the hills, it is probably too hot for outdoor activities. Though, early morning sports are great. If you are an early riser, a swim is a good beginning.

Nothing like starting the day with a splash. If you have buddies who are also morning people, even better. Organise a game of water volleyball or a vigorous race…Just remember to apply your sunscreen lotion.

Still with the morning types, here is another great pastime. Find out if you have any bird watching enthusiasts living close by and tag along on their morning walks. You will see birds that you never noticed right where you live. There are kids I know who go for a walk armed with binoculars and cameras and later when it is too hot to be outdoors, they get together in one or the other's house and identify and label all the birds they have seen (google search is very handy here). A few of them make sketches. It is a great way of recording flora and fauna on your street. And, at the end of the holidays, if you read up what you have been writing everyday, you will be amazed at how many points you have for that holiday homework essay you have to submit after school reopens!

There is nothing to beat a sweaty cricket match or the rough and tumble of a football game, but sometimes it is just too hot. So, visiting libraries is a cool option. You can lose yourself in the stories. List out books you would like to read, and share them around with friends. Watching movies is another perfect timepass. And, just to make it more interesting find out as much as you can about the actors in the film. Just for the heck of it. You can even hold a quiz at the end of the holidays to see how much you know.

Board games like Pictionary, Business, Scrabble and Scotland Yard are great on long afternoons along with cold lassi or lemon juice.

Speaking of which, if you really want to be funky and different from everyone else, try cooking. This is a good time to learn about salads, ice creams, crazy sandwiches and long, cool milkshakes and smoothies!

So, enjoy the summers, and if you have any other great ideas, spread the good words.