Appa woke me up at 7.30 a.m. I was so frustrated. It was a holiday and though I had my Social Science exam the next day, don’t you think 7.30 is a bit too early?

I got up reluctantly and brushed my teeth. After splashing water on my face, I felt fresh. I went to the hall and read the The Hindu. There was no juicy Bollywood or Hollywood gossip. Ah, what the heck? It’s not as if my life revolves around that.

I drank my milk, followed by a routine of going to the bathroom. I came out 20 minutes later and had my breakfast, which was dosa. Afterward, not knowing what else to do, I went to my room, closed the door and tried to finish “Forest Society and Colonialism”, a chapter in History. It was BORING! But I finished it within an hour. I then took a break of half an hour, after which I started on “Food Security in India”, a chapter from Economics. After an hour, I was thorough in the current status of the Public Distribution System in India, Food Corporation of India, non-co-operative societies, ration shops, buffer stock, the Bengal famine and of course, the three dimensions of food security-availability, accessibility and affordability.

I took another break. Once the time period for my break, which I decided, was over, I again shut myself inside my room and studied the last chapter in Economics, “Poverty as a Challenge”. That took another one hour. I finished it at around 11.30 in the morning. I had the rest of the day to study Geography. So, I took an elongated break till 2.30, during which I finished reading my book Evil under the Sun by Agatha Christie.

I finished the chapter “Climate” in one hour and 25 minutes. I knew that the remaining chapters only need two hours, tops. So, when Amma wanted to go to the Rajasthani exhibition in Sri Mulum Club, Appa and I accompanied her. Now, I don’t regret it because, I got a new pair of Rajasthan sandals. Whoopty-tah!

We got home at around 7.30 and I finished “Natural Vegetation and Wildlife” and “Population” at nine in the night. I watched television till ten. Feeling confident for the next day’s exam, I went to sleep happy.

Shreya Shankar, X E, Christ Nagar English Higher Secondary School, Thiruvananthapuram

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