I recently read a book called Hetty Feather. It is a about a girl named Hetty, who was left at the Foundling Hospital when she was just a few weeks old. She was sent to different places to lead a new life, but was sent back to the hospital again. She was ill-treated and given different punishments. She continues to search for her mother. One day, she gets separated from her group and goes on to live like a beggar on the streets. She still continues her search for her mother.

I admire the girl’s bravery and love for her mother. In the end, she manages to find her real mother. This story inspired me a lot. That’s why I believe that if you try hard, you will succeed with flying colours. This inspiring book taught me to keep trying.

Ananyashree Saraf, V A, Oakridge International School, Newton Campus, Hyderabad