On the December 10, 2013, we visited Innovative Film City. We started off in the morning and reached our destination in an hour.

There was a huge entrance with carvings of gods and goddesses. We went to a place called “Roller Skating” and left our bags outside.

Then, we started touring the place. We first went to the Wax Museum, where we saw wax models of people like Gandhiji, William Shakespeare and more.

From there, we headed to the Dino Park where we saw models of different dinosaurs.

After this, we went to Cartoon City where we took joy rides. I rode on the Roller Coaster and ‘Star Wars’. To add to our excitement, we visited the “Haunted Mansion”. It was so scary that I held my teacher and friend’s hand.

At last we went to the aquatic park where we had so much fun. We went swimming. Then there was a dance contest and my friend Sania won the first prize.

Finally, we changed our clothes and walked back to the bus.

Meera Ravikrishna, IV, Army Public School, Bangalore